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Interested in asking us to help with your career or business goals? Lets Talk.​

Wealth Management

After hockey you may be looking to invest in real estate or other ventures.  We have experience setting up investment structures, development corporations, limited partnerships, commercial mortgages, private loans, family trusts and other aspects of business life during and after hockey, and we would be pleased to assist you.  We are also pleased to work with your existing tax and accounting advisors, or refer you to such specialists.

Ownership & Management

As an owner looking to sell, or an aspiring owner looking to buy, acquisition of a hockey team is something we can assist you with.  We are experienced with due diligence research and review, contract drafting, commercial funding (public or private, loan or equity) and more.  We can also assist with commercial leases, facilities agreements, food concession agreements and more.

Please call us to talk more about how we might serve you.

Nuts and Bolts

We can help put together your basic legal needs, or advise on more sophisticated matters.  Whether it's simply reviewing & explaining minor hockey residency rules or your first junior contract, a professional or agency contract, sponsorship agreement or some other matter, we can help.  If you are a player and we act for you, we will not act for an owner, manager, or coach whose interests would conflict with yours.  The same goes for coaches, managers, owners or any other client.


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